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| 10.10.2017

intruder alarm service Berwick Upon Tweed


GBM Intruder Alarm Service – Berwick Upon Tweed

If you are looking for an intruder alarm service in Berwick Upon Tweed, then GMB will meet all your needs.

The issue with most intruder alarms is that when most people hear them they just ignore them and wait for them to stop or at best complain about the noise, which is why our intruder alarms at GMB Security are linked our control centre where a fully trained team are immediately informed when you alarm goes off. Are team can then establish the reason for the alert through two way speaker communication and then take the required action, including making sure you get any help or assistance that’s required. With GMB  intruder alarm service we offer get professional round the click emergency alarm response throughout Berwick Upon Tweed and the surrounding Boarders.

Our engineers supply and fit only the best intruder alarms at very competitive prices for commercial as well as domestic properties. If you already have an existing alarm, we can also monitor it. We can also carry out repairs and maintenance to your existing alarms in and around Berwick Upon Tweed. Contact us today for a no obligation quote on our intruder alarm packages.



Learn more about Intruder Alarms…

An Introduction To The Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm is the best way of keeping intruders out of your home or property. Whether you are in the house or outside when an intruder gets in things can become truly scary. There are different kinds of alarm systems including the very simple battery powered system that is useful when installed in an outhouse or shed. You can also choose the ones that are permanently installed and which are driven by electricity with battery backup.

Different detection devices
A typical alarm system uses different detection devices that are connected in series to the alarm control panel. These devices can either
be connected by wires or they can be linked wirelessly. Alarm systems can notify you of an intrusion in different ways. The idea of course is
to warn you whenever someone intrudes. Early detection can help prevent crimes.

Stay informed about intrusions

Typically, an intruder system may sound a siren in order to inform you about an intrusion. Such a system works ok provided there is someone in the premises who can hear the siren go off. A better option is to connect audible only systems to a device like a speech dialer or a homesecurity APPS that then sends messages to the owner of the property. Ideally, the alarm system should be connected by an ATS (alarm transmission system) that makes use of your landline or mobile phone to connect your property to an ARC or Alarm Receiving Center which remotely monitors your property.

Tip: Looking for information on our intruder alarm service for Berwick Upon Tweed and surrounding borders? Click Here for a no obligation quote.

Get a professional to install the system

Obviously we are going to recommend that if you are looking for an intruder alarm in Berwick Upon Tweed that you use us, but if you are not within our area it is still recommended that you use a professional to install these systems is by getting professional help. This helps to not only ensure the alarm is properly installed but also it helps to ensure that applicable standards are adhered to. Getting a professional to install your alarm system also means you can get more value from your system as your insurance company would probably
recognize your system.

Costs depend on a number of factors

The cost of installing your intruder alarm system varies according to the type of system used and its sophistication level. The size of your property will also help determine the cost of installing the alarm system. If you choose to install the system on your own, you may only have to spend approximately 500 dollars. However, it pays to get a professional to install the system and for that you should be ready to invest about double the money spent on installing the system on your own.

Where should you install the system?
Before you install the alarm system, you need to identify areas in your property that are most vulnerable. You can identify these locations by
asking a professional. Ideally, your alarm system should be located close to or at any point that is likely to be broken into. If possible, it also helps if you connect additional devices to your intruder alarm system. Water leakage and fire detection devices are what you need to
think about connecting to your alarm system. A CCTV system should also be connected to the alarm system though make sure you do not place your CCTV camera where it spies on other people’s properties as that could be in contravention of the law.

Overall, you alarm system if properly installed will help to improve the security of your property. Getting a professional to install it would be
in your best interests.

Thanks for checking out our intruder alarm page, and remember if you are based in Berwick Upon Tweed or the surrounding area and want a free no obligation quote on our intruder alarm monitoring service place Contact Us 


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